2023 PH in the Park

Iain 5 1/5 years post transplant
Iain 5 1/5 years post transplant

Iain's Team

Welcome to Iain's Team. Please consider joining our team for this year’s event as we walk and raise funds to increase awareness of PH, and ultimately, find a cure so that one day people like Iain will not have to undergo dramatic and traumatic lung transplant surgery. Although, we are fortunate that Iain was able to get a transplant and has been living a fruitful and interesting life since then.  We are especially cognizant that, thanks to Dr. Ivy and the pediatric pulmonary hypertension team at Children's Hospital, Iain lived for 12 years with severe PH before needing a transplant.  

We hope you can join us whether you decide to saunter, run, speed walk or take the pooch. Once you’ve joined our team, you’ll have your own personal page to help you fundraise for this worthy cause. Can’t participate at the event? We still encourage you to support our efforts by making a donation today.

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