2022 Philadelphia O2breathe Walk

Phighters for Cayden

Welcome to our team!  We have all been impacted by Pulmonary Hypertension (PH), and its life-changing effects on our loved ones. Please consider joining "PHIGHTERS FOR CAYDEN" for this year’s event as we walk and raise funds to increase awareness of PH, and ultimately, find a cure so that we one day achieve a world without PH. Don’t forget to sign up your family and friends to walk with you as well! We'd love to see you all there supporting us and this community of amazing PH fighters!

Once you’ve joined our team, you’ll have your own personal page to help you fundraise for this worthy cause. Can’t participate at the event? We still encourage you to support our efforts by making a donation today & any amount counts. We appreciate anything that can get us close to our goals for a cure for PH!

Upon creating your page please share the context posted below & feel free to add something special about yourself & Cayden!

Welcome to the page of Fighters for Cayden. Thank you for supporting us and Cayden in the PHight against Pulmonary Hypertension (PH)!  As you know or may come to learn, PH can affect anyone of any age, and it is a chronic and life-changing disease that can lead to right heart failure if left untreated. The Pulmonary Hypertension Association (PHA)is focused on extending and improving the lives of those affected by PH. Your donation will support that very work in a variety of ways including research for new treatments, resources for patient support groups and access to conferences and symposiums for patients and PH medical professionals. 

How does this affect our family? My name is Lindsay and my son (legally step son) is Cayden. I met him about 4 years ago and he has changed my life (and my daughter's life) forever! He has taught us so much & brought so much love and light into our world. Well, Cayden is our Phighter! He was born April 22 and is 12 years old. When I was getting to know Eric (dad) & Cayden, he told me that Cayden was diagnosed with PH (he educated me on what PH was) as an infant. Since that time, Cayden has endured many obstacles and health crisis'. He continues to amaze his friends and family with his resiliency. On top of PH, Cayden struggles from other medical conditions that impact his life. Despite all of this, he pushes on. Cayden is currently a 6th grader & is loving it. He is an amazing little brother to his sister Alexis & the best son we could ask for as his parents (Eric & Lindsay). His favorite subject is Math & his favorite teacher is Mrs. C! Cayden loves to dance and is a self-certified Just Dance pro! He loves music and making music videos in iMovies. He is kind, caring, generous, loving, and so incredibly funny! I'm telling you this because Cayden and others living with PH are so much more than their disease! 

Originally our team was called "Cayden's Phighters" and it was started by his amazing grandparents Chris and Lee Ann. They have maintained our team for the past FIVE years! We have appreciated them doing this for us & sharing and educating those around us about PH! LeeAnn asked me to take the reins this year and I happily accepted. Any chance to talk I get to talk about my amazing son & our support system, I TAKE IT! I really appreciate you taking the time to read about us.

We do not prefer to share photos of Cayden at this time, due to privacy. However, we would love you see you and meet you that the annual O2 Breathe Walk event on October 8th in Philly!!

Please consider making a donation to my page, and thank you for all you do to help PHA advance its vision of a world without PH, and to help families like mine and many others!

With Love,

Lindsay, Eric, LeeAnn, Chris & Alexis on behalf of our PHIGTHER Cayden!!!

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