2022 Boston O2breathe Walk

Tipperogues For Terry

Hear ye, hear ye:

Tipperogues for Terry 2022 has been re-activated and the walk is happening in person at the usual spot in Cambridge.

Some of you know that I broke my ankle on Feb 23 and if Terry and I go it will be a PT session for me.  Two for the price of one.  We will let the Local POD that has joined us over the years know our plans but as of now they are fluid.  All really depends on you know who - Mr. Covid Variant, not my ankle. 

It would be awesome if you could contribute to the PHA, again. We know it has been less than a year since the last one so if it doesn’t fit into your charitable giving budget, no worries!  We are hoping this puts us back on the May schedule.

Something we want to mention is that you may see a generous donation from Terry and me.  We were asked by Bayer Pharma, thru the PH Association, to participate in a Group Feedback Session on why patients will often choose to not switch to new drugs that become available.  They had to pay us for our time, and we are donating that money to this fundraiser.   It will suck next year when we look cheap, but it feels good to juice the pot this year.

Terry,  MC, Annie and I can’t thank you enough!

And Go Ukraine!  



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